Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is Spinal Tap

Like the band... sucked but not completely horrible. So... my cerebral-spinal pressure was 30, normal is below 20. After the tap, it was 17 (but it will build back up again). The fluid was clear, which is good. I should know something by Monday. I have meds that should help... for the cost the meds should do my laundry too, and then I think I just follow up with the retina specialist until my optic nerve stops being all wiley. I've got some soreness, but I think I'll be alright.

Good night, Bax out.


Tanya and Mattea said...

Glad things are going well! We have been thinking about you.

andrew,betsy,& noura said...

Glad theres no tumah! and glad it seems to be going well. I've been praying! Keep us updated from Monday news!