Thursday, December 11, 2008

Only For Now...

Today's been pretty crappy, and the worst part is that due to my supervisory duties, I can't even talk about it with some of the people I care about most. Even more so, I should probably be taking more of a high road and "modeling" really excellent coping strategies and professionalism, so starting tomorrow I will. "Parallel Process" Jen!

So Being a Supervisor Sucks! (not totally because I really like the job and being able to make some really good changes). This whole not being able to talk about things is really hard, and I'm actually really, really, really afraid I'll let something slip and get myself fired. (I was the kid who couldn't keep a secret: birthday presents, Christmas, whatever... still working on it) I'm way too open, and I'm just not close with the other supervisors yet. That's why they were always in their little club... they can't properly vent to anyone else.

Well, anyway. Tomorrow is a new day! I will awake with a good attitude about the changes about to happen. I be a friggin beacon of positivity. I will not let this person effect me anymore or bring down the mood of my team. We will be strong. We will survive. And we will outlast. (woah... channeling Bill Pullman from Independence Day for a second).

I think my new mantra will come from Avenue Q. The final song is very eastern philosophy. "Only For Now" is about how everything in life is only temporary... the suckiness as well as the good stuff, and it's words to live by. It helps you get through the tough times and helps you to appreciate the good times, because neither last forever.

"And we'll accept the things we cannot avoid, for now."
"But Only for Now!"


Lana said...

Yeah, my dad always says "This too shall pass." Which is, like, biblical and all, so you know it's true.

You're a great supervisor, Jen. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

andrew,betsy,& noura said...

complain to me!! Im not an FRS anymore!:)