Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Olivia

So I don't blog much anymore and it saddens me. There are quite a few reasons why, so I can't just blindly blame facebook, although I often lack the time for fully formed paragraphs and facebook doesn't even require a fully formed thought. There's my recent health-wierdness. At first, it was new and fascinating and a little scary, but now it's old and a bit pathetic and I can't help but feel whiny. I just may have to live this way for years. Life sucks sometimes. Not much else to say. Then, I did go for about a month where I could literally only stay awake long enough to get through work, so by "too busy" to blog, I meant I was asleep 12 hours each night (glad that's over). Now, Julius is occupied with all things social and is on my computer, and when he's not my husband is. So by the time I get my computer, it's late and I'm sleepy (I still really need to go to bed at 9 although I rarely do) and don't feel like being witty. So, pretty much: I'm boring and whiny, I lack the time and materials to blog, but now I have something worth writing about.

My daughter turned 11 today! Woah.

I asked her... "Wow, Olivia, you're 11 now. How'd that happen?" She replied, "I didn't die." Ba-dum-ba. Anyway, it's odd to see your kids grow up. It's good that she still likes being a little girl, she thinks I'm cool, and isn't into womanly things (i.e. boys, bras and makeup). She hangs out with the boys in class a lot because they have more in common at this point. But it is happening... the whole separation thing. I watched Oliva ride off into the neighborhood on her new bike today because she couldn't wait to show her friends and talk about the weekend plans. Aside from looking both ways before crossing, she didn't look back. It's a good thing, it's just different. When she was little, she would ride down a little and turn around to see if I was watching her and to properly praise her for riding so well. Julius spent the entire day on two phones because his social life is now the center of his world. With a kid his age, a mom has to pay close attention or she'll miss the little signs that say she's still needed, otherwise she liable to fall into his independence ruse. But it's a good thing. I may complain a lot but I still believe... what ever age they are is the best age.

One last thing, and it must be documented for posterity: Julius gave Olivia a hug today for her birthday before they went to bed. Awwww.