Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Health Weirdness

*News Flash*
I am allergic to one of the three new meds I was prescribed... itchiness all over. The new wonderful task is to figure out just which one it is! I love trial and error with pharmaceuticals! The good realization is that I haven't had a minor illness in a while... you know, the colds and flus, and digestive stuff I'd get at least once in October (usually twice), again in December, again in February, and again in May. (Not to say that won't pick up again... I think I've moved out of the little league and am now playing in the minors... not something I'm proud of, just a thought).

As a side note, I'm trying to grapple with how to appropriately celebrate the upcoming holiday. I've never been on for religious Pomp and Circumstance. Ritual's not my thing. I'm more into having a certain moral standard and trying my hardest to live by it rather than practicing special rites. But, having said that, it's been a while since I've formally observed a major holiday, and I it may be good for me to connect a little more. Hmmmm. I may have to think more on this one.

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