Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Waxing Political, Again

Funny pic, huh? But seriously... a thought has crossed my mind that I feel I must express here. I listen to the Republican rhetoric and think... Do they think I'm stupid? Then I hear other people saying the same thing. Even Jamie Lee Curtis has said, "They think I'm stupid." The ah-ha thing that occurred to me is: Yes, Jennifer, they do think you're stupid. And not just me, all of America. And why wouldn't they? What have We, The People done to make anyone think otherwise? We elected Baby Bush twice... or rather, allowed him to steal the presidency twice... And then did nothing about it. We allowed congress to do nothing when he began a war without congressional approval (hello... unconstitutional). The Patriot Act passed without so much as a blink at the revocation of civil liberties. Hell yeah, they think we're stupid. So do we prove them wrong, or what?

Which brings me to my second thought. People are talking too much about Palin for my liking, and it worries me. And it's not that anyone is saying anything that I don't disagree with. Most people find her as scary as I do. My worry is the excitement level for Obama isn't what it used to be. We need to be talking about him... not Satan. They have got to do something to generate some enthusiasm again... get people talking again. He's got my vote, but unfortunately, I don't get to pick. (Wouldn't that be great if I could?)


Ryan Baxter Photography said...

You go, Honey!

Stephanie said...

AMEN!!! (And I don't mean that in some weird uber-Christian way!)