Friday, September 12, 2008

If the real think don't do the trick, You'd better think of something quick, Your'e gonna burn,burn, burn to the wick.... Oooh, Baracuda

Wednesday night, Ryan and I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Heart Concert on Wednesday night! Sure, Cheap Trick and Journey were there too, but I was there for Heart, and they completely stole the show. Ann and Nancy Wilson are Rock Gods! The first hard-core chick rockers, and few have been able to follow. I mean... who else could cover "Goin to California" and "Reign over Me" and it not be considered blasphemy? I actually want to be Ann and Nancy when I grow up... if only I could sing and/or play guitar. Special thanks to Kevin for saving us space at the front of the lawn!

P.S. Does anyone else suspect that the new "Steve" for Journey doesn't know any English, except for the lyrics and "Thank you Indianapolis!"?

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