Thursday, September 4, 2008

Excited about the female VP candidate... until she spoke

Few things inspire more rage and frustration within me than the Republican National Convention. Usually I try to avoid it... like the way I avoid onions and green peppers... I just can't stomach it. But this year is a little different. I had never heard of this Palin person before and was rather impressed with the Republican Party for nominating a female (although I'm sure her salary will be 25% less than Cheney's), so I wanted to check her out and see what she's about. My conclusion:

She's the devil.

(Pretty big statement given my neo-Pagan roots and not believing in the devil and all). Let's see... exploiting her special-needs son, trashing civil rights as well as the economy and the environment.... I could go on. With all of the talk about the controversies of her past, I wonder... What the hell were they thinking?

But I think I have figured out the real scheme behind her nomination. I think the Republicans figured out that there is enough Bush-hate to spill over and ruin it for the rest of the party... they also are against women's rights in general... so, why not name the devil as veep and blame her when the campaign tanks? That way they can later say.... Look, this is what happens when you let the little girl run with the big dogs! Sneaky... but would they really do something so underhanded to further their agenda? Wait. They have... like in Iraq.

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Tanya and Mattea said...

I argree she seems kinda scary now!!