Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Bye GG, we'll miss you

It's been quite some time since my last post. Life has been too busy. I'm starting to settle into the supervisor gig, even if I haven't settled into the office quite yet. I'm still feeling way-overwhelmed, but I can still keep my perspective. I go home, make dinner, eat, homework with kids, and then crash. Literally, crash. I'd go to bed at 8 if I could talk the kids into an early bedtime. We are on day 10 of vomit-pa-looza. Poor Julius. Everything that goes in comes up again. I'll call the doctor again tomorrow. Audie laid her egg-sack, so we'll have little Audie-clones in the spring. So that's it for the quick update.

What is really on my mind is that Ryan's grandmother died Tuesday morning. She had been sick for a while and I got the impression that she was ready to go, so I'm not sad for her exactly. She was a wonderful woman and was deeply loved by her family. They are the ones suffering. My thoughts are more so with Ryan's grandfather. Walter and Betty seemed like a genuinely loving couple. You could just see that aura around them. I want that for me and Ryan. Lifelong best friends. They had been together for over 60 years, but now Walter is alone. I hate to imagine what it must be like for him now... to go home alone after 60 years of companionship. How hard would it be just to make yourself breathe. To not give into the crushing loneliness. To find hope. I do hope Walter finds some comfort during this difficult time. Ryan's family has always been so welcoming and supportive of me and my family, even right from the beginning. I feel blessed to be able to call them my family, too. It's so hard to see them hurting, I wish I could do more

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