Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wed. Night White People Group

I'm a little proud of myself right about now.

I've got the amiable personality, so I'll put my feelings and opinions aside when dealing with others. What I think has nothing to do with how I treat you or even what I allow you to think of me. What you think of me is really none of my business.

Now, let's add religion. I rarely speak of my personal religious beliefs, unless it is with someone I can have a more theoritical discussion and not a passionate-dogmatic argument. No one person will change another's mind. This is why I usually smile and nod when anyone starts peddling their particular brand of salvation.

Problem is I find it terribly disrespectful. Imagine I walk up to someone who isn't Caucasian, Female, American, Democrat, Heterosexual, Red-Hair-Dyer, Harry Potter Nut-Job, or any other cultural affilitian, and take it upon myself to convince them, unasked, why they should become like me. "Hi, I'm in your neighborhood to invite you to a Wednesday Night group meeting. It is to teach you about being White and to help you overcome the temptations of being Black. Come on down!" It could get me shot. (Why? Because there is nothing wrong with being Black... see the analogy yet?) So, why then is it okay and presumed necessary for some Christians to insult in a similar manner?

So now what brought me to this rant. I belong to a support group for people that have my disease. It's actually been really wonderful. I would reccommend everyone check out Daily Strenth (it's on my side-bar >>>) there's something for everyone. Well, we have a new member. A lady who has a 9 year old daughter who has been recently diagnosed. She posted asking a few questions and I was the first to answer. We are all very supportive and help each other. Today she sent me an email through the group asking more questions about medicine side effects, and then proceded to write a book about Jesus, how she was lost, how she hopes I find Jesus, and ended a blurb about the "gift of pain" leading to salvation.

How friggin disrespectful!

Normally, I smile and nod, and go about my day. Seriously annoyed, but oh well. This time I did something. I established boundaries. I am so proud! Here's what I wrote back, after I addressed all of the IIH questions:

For me, Daily strengh is a place for support, tolerance, and understanding, and so it is in that spirit that I feel I need to address the remainder of your email. Diversity abounds in the world as well as in this group, so please understand how someone might find religious peddling disrespectful, as I do. I don't believe it was your intent, you seem like a good person. My personal relationship with God is just that: personal.

Then I went on to talk about her daughter's health again and wish her well. No ill will, just some personal boundaries. I'm pretty proud of myself.


Tanya and Mattea said...

so are you saying i shouldn't try and make you Methodist?

Jen said...

Only if you were one!