Friday, July 11, 2008

New Love

I'd like to take just a moment to pay tribute to my new-found love... Value World, formerly known as Value Village. I'd heard people talking for years about it but had only recently went in to check it out. Today I did some real shopping. I was looking to get a few things to bulk up my "business casual" wardrobe since I'll have to be in it more. I love shopping but was dreading the expense. Lane Bryant is usually the only place I can find anything I like because few retailers sell plus size clothing that is cut in a flattering way... big girls need structure... but I digress. Anyway, Lane Bryant can be very expensive. I was so excited about all the good stuff I found... some of it with the original tags on it. So for $42 I bought 6 shirts, 2 cardigans, 2 pairs of dress pants, 2 brand new pairs of shoes, and a purse. WhoooHoooooo! The only down side is they have no dressing room, but I made due trying on what I could in the aisle. Even better... I get to go back one Sunday and get %50 my whole purchase!!! I say again: WhoooHoooooo!

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