Friday, November 21, 2008

Bad News

I have noticed the decrease in blogging now the elections are over! I've been so busy at work, I haven't had the energy for much of a life outside that would be worthy of blogging. But unfortunately, I now have something to blog about.

So the family and I went to the eye doctor, and amongst the myriad of tests, they dilated my eyes to check out the insides. Come to find out my optic nerves were swollen and the ophthalmologist said it may be caused by intracranial pressure. Thursday I saw a retinal specialist to take a closer look. (Possibly the most evil of professions... just above proctology. They dilated my eyes and proceded to shine just about as much light as possible into them. It should be added the the list of torture not allowed in this country, along with water boarding... I digress.) So the retina doctor confirmed my funny optic nerves are due to intracranial swelling and not eye disease. (And I thought my nearly-constant headache for the last three months was due to becoming a supervisor!). The two possible causes are Brain Tumor and Pseudo Brain Tumor. Whoa.

So I had two MRI's today and I see a Neurologist soon. The retina lady said she doesn't think it's a Brain Tumor (aka Arnold,"I don't have a tumah"). The pseudo tumor cerebri involves having too much cerebrospinal fluid and will be confirmed with a spinal tap and can be treated with meds and/or surgery, but it could come back.

Scary, huh? I'm trying hard not to worry... there's no sense in it yet, and we'll have a plan once we know what it is. What really scares me is it might not have been caught. I just happened to decide that I want a better eye exam than WalMart (with my family history and all) and this new doctor, randomly picked from the spectera website, routinely checks for these things. I would have never paid any attention to my headaches as an actual symptom. Probably not until I would have noticed a loss in vision.

Well, I probably won't know anything until after I see the neurologist in over a week... it's a long time to be brave, so think good thoughts for me!


Stephanie said...

Jeez Jen, i'm so sorry,thats horrible. Make sure that you let me know if you need anything, i'm great with kids and make a mean lasagna :) Hopefully we can talk/get together soon! Love ya!

andrew,betsy,& noura said...

Thank God you checked your eyes now, thats no coincidence! Keep us updated and we'll be praying! I wish I could be there to help with anything (like send my special brownies:))